Simples Pimples
Image source: OpenGameArt.Org

Simples Pimples

I’m not an artist. So, when it comes to new projects, finding the right art for it is critical. In fact, I often browse available art and draft ideas based on the art that’s available!

There’s something incredibly endearing in this 16x16 tileset. Includes a few dozen characters with basic animations. The environments are classic rocks, ladders, water, foliage. It feels perfectly useful. And all using Arne’s perfect 16-color palette.

Best of all: it’s public domain. You can do whatever you want with it. These sprites truly belong to all of us.

You’re probably gonna want to split this spritesheet into smaller, more tightly packed bunches. It’s already generally grouped by category of sprite, so I went ahead and split up the tiles into a bunch of separate PNGs. This is what I actually use in my projects.